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International Boarding School Students Academic Options

International Boarding School Students sitting on front stairs of Pillsbury College Prep

International Boarding School Student Academic Options

International boarding school at Pillsbury College Prep provides a great cultural experience for all students. Students come from all over the United States and around the world. 

International students can board at Pillsbury College Prep from grades 6 – 12 and attend Bethlehem Academy.  Students can also board at Pillsbury while they are getting their first two years of general credits at college.


College Opportunities

Students can continue to board at Pillsbury College Prep for the first two years of college.

International Boarding School Student Tuition and Fees

International Boarding School Students have two academic choices, a public school or private school option.
International Boarding School Students – Full-Time  —- $23,000 each year
Includes visa, academic studies, room, board, transportation and campus after-class activities.

Extra costs for expensive sports such as competitive cheer, ice hockey, horseback riding, dance, etc. would cost additional, and we would notify parents ahead of time. Prices do not include Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break trips or travel program trips that may be offered during breaks.

Required Registration Documents

List of Forms and Supporting documentation required:

      1.  Registration Forms
      2. Official School Transcript
      3. Current Immunization Certificate from Doctors Office or Health Department

Pillsbury College Prep Boarding School Activities